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  • Must a pure or part water type.
  • Has decent speed.
  • Works well in the Rain.
  • Able to beat most Grass types
  • Must not be Uber or from Gen I
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why i everyone asking these for thier tournament teams?
Because we need help.
What is an Uber in pokemon?
um... i don't and i totally stink.
kaboosh uber is a catagory some pokemon go into then theres ou-overused then bl-border line and so on uber is normally legends that are over powered like arceus check meta and look at helpfull questions and go on official database tiers
i got this  water types are my favrite type
i cant say i just use a hm slave as water type pkm

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There are 2 Pokes I can think of.

1. Feraligatr
Nice Sheer Force ability, boostable speed. Ice Punch can take care of Grass Types. From Gen 2. NOT in Uber.

2. Manaphy
Awesome ability that works well in the rain, allowing for a Rest+Hydration combo. Tail Glow+Ice Beam takes care of Grass Types. From Gen 4. In OU.

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Update: Manaphy is in Ubers
manaphy its uber
Omg this is a old question dont flag it. Manaphy was in Ubers when this question was asked
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Why has noone said ......Ludicolo :D
can have swift swim or rain dish which works as leftovers in rain so works well with leftovers
cant beet grass that easly but can work as a great wall and grass doesnt bother it
ludicolo grass water -base stats hp80 atk70 def70 spatk90 spdef100 speed70

so i would have a very annoying ludicolo

232 HP / 216 SpD / 60 Spe
rain dish
calm or modest
protect/leech seed/substitute/surf
leech seed annoys the foe as well as restores hp leftovers leech seed and rain dish meen your returning im not sure how much but rather alot maybe a quarter or more hp
then you can run substitute as well then use protect for free hp when everything set up then you can surf

or you can go for a more sweeping set
200hp 252spatk 56spdef
life orb
swift swim
energyball/surf/ice beam/focust blast or toxic
swift swim doubles speed then spatk is risen by evs ivs nature and life orb

i pefrer the wall set :D

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Ludicolo should use Giga Drain for even more health steal! (1st one)
Why have rain dish without rain dance?
Because its a rain team so you don't need it because a Pokemon like politoad can use it
You forgot about empoleon
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A Kingdra can fill this role nicely as it has 90 base stats across the board. Kingdra also takes neutral damage from grass type attacks and has access to ice beam. It has the swift swim ability making it a very useful pokemon in the rain.

A Qwilfish can also fill this role as it also gets swift swim. Its poison typing can help it against grass types

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sf, the question says "Must a pure or **part** water type."
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Awesome speed, and top that with swift swim, gets Ice punch for covering grasses, in RU, gen 4.
able to run a choice banded approach:

Floatzel@ choice band
Trait: Swift swim
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Ice punch

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There are four i can think of:

  1. Cloyster: Ice beam
               Aurora beam
               Hydro pump/ stealth rock
  2. ludicolo: Giga drain
               Hydro pump
               Energy ball
               Drain Punch
  3. Feraligatr: Ice Fang
                  Hydro pump

    4.Dewgong: Aurora beam

                  sheer cold

    Thats all of them :)

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feraligater and ludicolo been said and for 1cloyster use moves such as multi strike moves they get a massive boost from ability skill link
2dewgong dont use sheer cold infact never use a move under 5o acc ied say
and for ludicolo you can make a much better movest than what you have got like my wall one very commonly used
3 dewgong should not have hail in a rain team and
4 feraligater should keep surf and loose hydro pump and for cloyster toxic spikes works well

maybe sort out your movests sorry if i rambled on a bit :/
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here is what I can think of

samurott and swampert if there is a electric type bam swampert to take no damige
i can just think of that

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