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Are there any? What are they?


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Here's one: the Sky Drop Glitch.

In a double battle, a Pokemon uses Sky Drop. Another Pokemon uses Gravity. This will cause Sky Drop to end. Both Pokemon will return to the battlefield. The Pokemon that was taken up to the air is immobile until the Pokemon that used Sky Drop faints or is switched out.

More info and video at http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Sky_Drop_glitch

For all Glitches of Gen V, look at http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_glitches_in_Generation_V

Assist egg glitch
When Assist is used, it can use the moves of unhatched eggs in the party.
Café Warehouse glitch
The tiles on the center and right of the door on the inside of the Café Warehouse say "It looks like a cabinet full of Pokémon goods." when the A Button is pressed while facing them.

Fainted Pokémon Glitch
In some cases in a double battle a low level Pokémon will survive a would-be One-Hit KO with one HP left, but will faint. When the fainted Pokémon is switched out there will be no sprite, but it will still be in battle as an aaaaaaaaa glitch Pokémon with all of the moves being what was in the first slot of that Pokémon. When the battle ends the game will be back to normal with the Pokémon fainted.

Gear Station glitch
When returning to Gear Station after riding a train from a location other than Gear Station, the location name "Gear Station" is not displayed until entering the center of the station, despite the platform itself being considered to be Gear Station by the game. This includes when the player reaches the rest area after seven wins in a row, since it is considered to be the Battle Subway by the game, but all other parts of the Battle Subway do not trigger this.

Icirrus Gym glitch
In Icirrus Gym, there are three rocks which are not solid—they can be walked on. Using one of these rocks, it is possible to reach Brycen without battling Black Belt Thomas.

Landing on person or item
When Surfing, by moving towards a tile directly adjacent to an NPC or item that is adjacent to water, then pressing the D-pad to dismount onto the NPC or item, the player will be standing on top of it.

Music speed glitch
When the player uses Dig or an Escape Rope while Surfing below the first floor in Wellspring Cave or Challenger's Cave and travels to Pinwheel Forest, Moor of Icirrus or Desert Resort, the music will play with a lower pitch and tempo, as if the player was in an underground floor. Reentering the affected area will revert the music back to normal, as will surfing or using the bicycle.

Nacrene Gym bookcase glitch
After the bookcase in Nacrene Gym has been moved to reveal the secret stairs, it is still possible to read the book on the bookshelf from the stepladder. If the player stands on the stepladder, saves, then resets, upon resuming it is possible to read the book as if the bookcase had not moved. It is possible to do this until the player leaves the room.

Nimbasa Gym Trainer glitch
In Japanese versions of Pokémon Black and White, if the player loses to Lady Colette in Nimbasa Gym while directly facing her when encountered, this glitch will occur. When the player comes back in she will be standing on the same spot and will battle the player. After she is defeated, she still remains on the tracks of the roller coaster, and can be passed through while riding the roller coaster to Elesa.

Sitrus Berry glitch
If a Pokémon holding a Sitrus Berry hurts itself from confusion and reaches under half of its max HP through the damage, then its Sitrus Berry will not activate until another form of damage is dealt.

Text speed glitch
An old woman in Driftveil City talks one text speed slower than the selected text speed. This is due to her missing a large section of code, and is not intentional.

TM67 Retaliate glitch

Menu screen of TM67 in the Japanese versions
In Japanese versions of Pokémon Black and White, TM67 (Retaliate) appears as a Dark-type TM, despite the move being Normal-type.

TM94 Rock Smash glitch
In Pokémon Black and White, TM94 (Rock Smash) appears as a Rock-type TM, despite the move being Fighting-type.

Trick Room glitch
If a Pokémon has an effective speed greater than 1809, it will ignore the effects or Trick Room and act before slower Pokémon.

Walking Trainer glitch
When blocking the path of certain Trainers who walk in a loop, if their path is blocked at a corner so that they cannot change direction, they will continue walking in the direction they were without turning, so appear to be walking into nothing but behaving as if they are walking into a wall.

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U forgot the glitch in the nacrene city cafe where upon entering the cafe and taking one step forward and a step back and pressing A it will say "It looks like a cabinet full of Pokemon goods."