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Ok last time I checked Critical hits were supposed to do 2x damage right? But when I was facing a Gigalith(Cherens) with my Gallade(Who had 6 Bulk-up boosts) the Gigalith used Stone-edge and got a Critical hit and took away over half my HP and then he used Giga-impact(If you count STAB it has the same power as Stone edge without the critical) and only did 20-30 damage so how did the critical do so much? Unless basic math has changed 100-135 Damage is not the answer to 2 times 20-30 damage.


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ah, i see where you're confused here.

critical hits remove all stat differences that would go agaisn't the user ( your +6 defense ) when being used, AND do 2X damage.

the critical hit ignored your +6 defense, but when he didn't crit hit you, the +6 defense was still applied.

so yeah =) hope i typed that out clear enough.

no problem =)