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Which system is better for pokemon white? nintendo DS or DSi

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they'll both run the same, with no differences besides the system differences in general.

either way, what system you have won't effect the game. end of story.
if this were a gen 4 game ( platinum, heart gold, soul silver, pearl, diamond ) then i would say ds lite for the ability to migrate from older games...

anyway! the system won't really effect the game in this situation, although the DSi is the better system in general if you're looking to buy ( which i doubt you are... )

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G0LD makes a very good point with the DS lite having the Dual-sot feature for migrating!

One difference between DS lite and the DSi is that the DSi has like a half inch larger screen, and you can change its screen brightness MUCH more easily.
Also, performance wise, the DSi is better; (67.028 MHz ARM9 and vs. 133 MHz ARM 9 processor).
So technically, the games will run better on a DSi, which means less freezing and less lag (if any!).
Although it really isn't all that different.
You can not migrate with B/W the Poketransfer only works with 2 systems.
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I have both a DSi and a DS Lite and a 3DS but I would choose the DSi because all the other screens are smaller and the DSi always was faster for all games.