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How can i get a male ralts from egg? I am tryiing to do it 2 days but always i get a female ralts.

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You have just had rotten luck and firetyperuler is wrong you have a 50% of getting a male
im guessing you want one for gallade
well hatch more eggs when found get to lv 20 then use dawn stone :)
it takes on average 5120 steps for a ralts egg to hatch
source (and info on ralts) here click me

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Thanks blobyolo you are the best answerer for my all questions i see. I N EACH MINE QUESTION YOU do the best answer.
So this is really really late but I'm trying to breed a male ralts in sun and it is not working. I have a male from the gts but I'd like to nickname it so I chose to breed. I've bred like 6 ralts and they've all been female.
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Sorry, but the chances of getting a male Ralts from an egg are random. So just keep hatching eggs untill you get a male Ralts. (HOPE THIS HELPS) :)

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Thanks very much :D.