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You know the mascot for HeartGold the one you either have to faint or catch to move on.If its shiny when i get to it and i make it faint then beat the Pokemon league to make it come back will it still be shiny.


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I think it will, last time I checked all the IVs and Nature Etc stay the same every encounter. So it should stay shiny.

Source: Logical reasoning by the fact that Roaming Pokemon stay the same so it should apply here too.

just dont make it faint...
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The only time a Pokemon will change is if you reset your game before you encounter it. This doesn't work with eggs but does for over-world Pokemon such as Ho-oh, Lugia, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina etc. If you knock it out then it will stay exactly the same as when you first met it, you just need to beat the E4 and go back. This is because the Pokemon's statistics (i.e. IVs, Nature, Shininess, PID) are generated when you interact with the Pokemon for the first time, they are then saved to the Pokemon so any future encounters will be the same.