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  1. What Pokemon that the popular characters have (eg, give me a seperate one for ash and misty) has the highest base stat total.
  2. What is the Pokemon with the highest base stat total that Ash has beaten?

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  1. Ash's Snorlax was his highest base stat Pokemon at 540, but many consider his Charizard to be the strongest. Tied with Snorlax is Misty's Gyrados.
  2. Well he beat Latios, and Darkrai so that would make 600 EDIT: He also beat Norman's Slaking which has a 670 Total base stat.

But always remember Pokemon's strengths are very different in Anime. In regular Battling Pikachu would get destroyed by Latios no problem, and Darkrai would have swept his whole team right from the beginning.

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Actually, Ash had a Heracross, which is among the reliable Darkrai counters.
True, but if Darkrai had Sash or if Megahorn missed etc then Darkrai would sweep.