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the pokemon should meet these requirements.

  • must benefit stab from water type attacks
  • must learn all white water type hm's
  • must have at least a base stat total of 450
  • must not be slow or fluctuating
  • preferably having a secondary typing
  • must be powerful enough to be trained as team member(and not just hm slave)

(i am playing white)


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Tentacruel, Kabutops, Lanturn, Quagsire, Suicune, Crawdaunt, Empoleon, and Mew are some of the best results accorting to this.

Not many Pokemon qualified to your requirements, so I jotted down some of the best options. Mew can learn all the HMs and also has more than 450 Base Power, so if you're lucky enough to have one, cool. I would'nt waist it on a HM slave though :D

Check the link above to check out the results yourself :D
Hope this helps ;)

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I would recommend bibarel cause he can learn ALL hms but fly. the only bad part is that his total level is probably not 450.