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I've been hearing about this "Slave HM" but
there is no such thing... So what is it?


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Good question if you don't know what it is.

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A HM slave is a pokemon that you have on your team in-game so you dont have to teach HMs to your Pokemon. The main reasons being because most HM moves are not particularly great, and you can't delete an HM without a move deleter.

This keeps you from having less move slots to choose from. Let me give you an example (my HeartGold team):

  1. Infernape
  2. Luxray
  3. Espeon
  4. Snorlax
  5. Vaporeon
  6. Dragonite

Now lets say I dont want any of my 6 pokemon to learn Rock Smash but I need it to get through a cave. I would go out and catch a Pokemon like Sentret that you can catch at the start of the game and teach it Rock Smash. That way all my Pokemon can keep the moves I want them to have without one wasting a move slot on a HM.

In summary a HM slave is a Pokemon you keep on your team for no other reason but to teach HMs to so you dont waste move slots on your pokemon you are using.

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An hm slave is a pokemon that you make them learn all the HMs you need like Feraligatr who can learn surf, cut, waterfall, strength and a whole lot more.

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Plus Rock Smash and Whirlpool (HG/SS.)
whirlpool is an HM?
It was in Gold/Silver/Crystal, and as such is also in Heart Gold and Soul Silver.