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Out of three Pokemon which one is the strongest Pokemon of entire team?

Pokemon in the anime do not have levels and stats etc., if that is what you're implying.
Ash-Greninja hasn't been around for very long compared to those two, and they've only just mastered the synchro thing, so it's difficult to guage. We'll see how he does against Mega Gyarados next episode.

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The ash-greninja. it was able to defeat a mega charizard X in 1 cut. and about the 2 others... ash charizard doesn't listen to ash making it weak and ash greninja fainted a mega charizard most likly to be higher level. infernape.... well I haven't watched enough anime to see infernape ever. Hope I helped! by the way your missing some tags. bye!

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Didn't Charizard obey Ash during the Best Wishes series?
yes but  charizard X has a higher attack stat then normal charizard so that totally beats the point of ash greninja and normal charizard.
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I think it would beat them pretty quickly being a water type but infernape is fighting so its able to counter it and charizard might have seismic toss depending on which season your talking about. Hope this answers your question. ^-^

I think he was asking which is the strongest, not who would win if the three of them fought; that wouldn't determine who is the strongest for reasons such as type advantage.
sorry ash greninja offended you. also charizard had seismic toss in johto.