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Ash-Grenigna power was shown to be able to be strong enough to beaten Diantha the champion of Kalos.

If this was finished battle if Ash would have one this mean Alan could win as well as his Mega Charizard proven to be have very high stamina and endurance compare to Ash Grenigna.

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First, the TV show is often inconsistent with itself. For example, once Ash's Pikachu beat a (supposedly) level 88 Rhydon despite the type advantage and then went on to lose to a level 5 Snivy. Second, your second sentence doesn't make sense.

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The Ash-Greninja is unpredictable, it could be good and bad. Also like DinoPokemon123 said, the show is awfully inconsistent. The second sentance I will try my best to answer. To me it means can alan win against Diantha, yes and no. Greninja is much faster which is why it actually 45% tired out Diantha's gardevoir, Alan could beat Diantha's gardevoir with charizard, but if that were to happen charizard would have to sweep hawlucha, tyrantrum, aurorus, gourgeist, and goodra without a scratch, or beat gardevoir without a scratch and then beat hawlucha, tyrantrum, aurorus, gourgeist, and goodra and take very little damage after every fight.

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Um... sumwun said that... DinoPokemon123 was the one who asked the question.
Alan charizard have beaten 10 mega evoultions with out breks but was able to get some potion from Alan to be heal and won against Member of the elite four
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it's not released so we don't know yet.

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