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Soon I am going on a long trip and I was thinking of things to do. Then I thought, "Gee, I've always wanted to watch Pokémon Origins and the Mega Evolution miniseries. I should see if I can buy them." I found Pokémon Origins on iTunes, but I've been unable to find the Mega Evolution miniseries (for those who don't know, it's about a trainer and his Mega Charizard X who go on a quest to defeat every Mega Evolution) in a downloadable format. If someone could tell me where I can get a downloadable version, I would very much appreciate it. This is for iPad.

Origins is the only good one, lol, Mega Evo miniseries isn't the best .-.

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This website is awesome, and free. I've linked the Subbed version (cuz subbed is much better, but the Dubbed version is here: http://kissanime.com/Anime/Pokemon-XY-Mega-Evolution-Dub) Basically, register for an account and watch a couple of videos (don't use AdBlock) and you will earn 'KP'. I think it's 1 KP for each episode of something you watch. Then you can download any episode of anything on the site in its highest quality (some are only 720p but most should have 1080p) in MP4 format (which you can then transfer into your iTunes Library) for 1 KP each. At the moment they only have the first 2 episodes in Sub and the first episode in Dub, but this is probably the most reliable place to go for them. You can also get other Pokemon specials and movies there too, just search the site for them.

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