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I've always been curious about this one. And I'm not talking about just a part where Mega Salamence just showed up for like two seconds then nothing happens. I'm wondering if it did appear in an anime episode and actually did something like battle someone or it helped with a problem. So is there an episode where this happened?

It appears for a long(ish) duration in the Volcanion movie
yeah i'm pretty sure i'v seen him somewhere in the anime, but not positive where,let me check.
@Emty did it have a role in the movie like being the pokemon of the bad guy or something?
I'm pretty sure asking for a Pokemon to have a role is pretty objective. :P

Example: I could consider it having a role as the Pokemon shows up for 10 minutes but does nothing, or it only appears for five seconds and saves a main character as a role as well. :P
That's exactly what I mean. Where it actually did something in the episode. Even if it shows up for ten minutes and does nothing I'm good with that. As long as it isn't like two seconds of appearance and never appears again for the rest of the episode

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A Salamence that can mega evolve made an appearance in the ending segment of Mega Evolution special II and in Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel (a Pokémon movie featuring Volcanion and Megearna).

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It's a good answer, but your formatting is trash
yeah i know. im still getting the hang of things here.
Did it have a role in the movie at all or did it just appear and did nothing significant?