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i think i know the answer, but is there any, it would be cool!

Well, to avoid typing a really long complicated answer, YES. But you need to have the updated Action Replay (You can tell because it has Unova pokemon on it). Thats basically it.... Hoped that helped!

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Yes, Pokemon White does have cheats. However, cheats aren't simple to use. You will need either a ROM game card with Pokemon White loaded on it, or an ActionReplay card, but neither of these are reccomended. Both of them can completely stuff up your game, for example, your save data can corrupt using cheats such as "Have All Items" as some items are set to be acquired at a certain time of the game, but having them too early can cause the game to get confused and freeze over. Cheats are not reccomended, so use them at your own risk. The games were not programmed to have certain things done to them, so that's why I never use cheats, they totally mess you up.