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I know people will tell you how the Pokemon feels, and that gives a range of a certain amount of happiness, but how do you find the EXACT happiness level?
Also, what counts as "storing a Pokemon in a PC?" Just having it in, and taking it out before you log off? Or just keeping it in there after you log off.


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No, there is no one that tells you the exact happiness level of your Pokemon. The closest you get is someone like Bianca in B2W2 who will give you general indication.

Storing your Pokemon in a PC won't reduce its happiness level, if that's what you're concerned with. It makes no difference if you put it in there for the game and then switch off, or take it out just before you switch off.

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Dang it. Oh well. Thanks.
Actually, a Pokemon loses a small amount of Happiness when put in the PC, but the amount of time does not matter.
That was only in Generation I.