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I need my Eevee at full happiness but I want to get it there in only one level. Like if my eevee went from 8 to 9 it would then evolve.

Which game are you playing? I can give you a whole guide for hg/ss, but I haven't had the money to get the new ones like white platnium and white 2.
Luckily I'm playing Soul Silver (ss)

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Step 1: Give Eevee a soothe bell. This item is found in National Park on the top right. It will double his/her happiness when you do the following things:
Step 2: The hair cut brothers in the underground tunnel in Goldenrod will make eevee happier. They do it once a day, the ace trainer is better, and the bird keeper is decent but not as good. Do this daily.
Step 3: If you have unlocked Kanto, smash lots of rocks to get shards, and there's a man in Fuschia city who will give you certain berries that increase happiness. If not, you can walk with eevee a lot. Every 300 or so steps it will get a bit happier.
Step 4:To check eevee is almost reasy to evolve, go to the house in the middle-right (you'll see a school kid), and talk to the woman in the pink shirt. If she says, "It looks really happy!It must love you a lot." you know you're ready. Go ahead and level it up.
Step 5: Vitamins work well, but they're EXPENSIVE. I don't really reccomend them, but if you've gotten some rare candies, they work.

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I meant the middle-right house of goldenrod city . Sorry for any other mistakes, it wouldn't let me write anymore.
And I hope this helps you! :D
So national Park Top Right? Is it that pokeball right by the exit of the national Park? If so how do I get it?
To get to the soothe bell, you go between the gap in the fence where you'll see a boy playing a ds.
Be sure to SAVE the game before attempting to level-up your Eevee, so if it doesn't work you can reset and try to boost its happiness again.
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In castelia city there is a person who massages your Pokemon. There, your Pokemon will gain happiness without leveling up. Another way is to use some berries that bring up happiness, but the berries are the least recremended for thoes who want to ev train the Pokemon.

What are the berries?
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My recommendation is to give your Eevee a sooth bell and derp around for a bit. There is also the salon in Join Avenue ( B/W2 only).

In HG/SS, there are the Hairdresser bros. in the Goldenrod City. The days are listed here. You'll need to scroll down a bit to find the info. The quickest way, either if you flown or took the train there, is behind the Pokemon center.

Here is the list for the obtainable items for HG/SS. Sooth bell is in the National Park.

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Yes please I'm in Soul Silver. Also I don't have a sooth bell.