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You can check it three ways.

Method 1 — The Pokétch

Use the Pokétch app that looks like the one below to check to see if your Pokémon has max happiness. If you tap and hold your Pokémon and it gives two large hearts, then its happiness is maxed.


Method 2 — The Footprint Man

On Route 213 you will find a house with a man inside. Show this man one of your Pokémon, and he will look at its footprint and guage its happiness levle. If it's maxed out he will give your Pokémon a Ribbon.

Mr. Footstep

Method 3 — The Hearthome City Fan Club

Talking to one of the Fan Club members will have her tell you the happiness leve lof your lead Pokémon.

Source: Experience (for the Hearthome thing)

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You can check a Pokemon's happiness in Hearthome City at the Pokemon Fan Club.

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The checker is on your Poketch. You get the app for it in Eterna City. if you don't know what it looks like, its the app where Pokemon seem like they're sliding on ice. to check the happiness, hold one of the pokes on your touch screen, making them move. When you hold them you might start seeing hearts appear around the Pokemon. If you see 2 big hearts surrounding the Pokemon, then it has max happiness.

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Source: Experience

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