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so I was playing through platinum and I have a togepie with serene grace which I will be using because I have a very good expirence with it.But trying to evolve it the happiness lady always says " It's quite friendly to you. It must be happy being with you." which I checked up means it has about 150 - 199 happiness level.i have been cycling on the cycling road but still no change.Is there any other way I can get togetick with out over leveling.

PS I have been doing that with the soothe bell.

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There are several methods!

  • Battle with it, or if it is too weak, Give it an Exp. Share. Gaining levels also increases Friendship.
  • Do Super Contests with it! Winning contests will give you a handful of Friendship points.
  • Bring it to the Massage Girl in Veilstone City. You can massage a Pokemon once every 24 Hours.
  • If you are in the Post-game already, bring it to the Ribbon Syndicate. They will give your Pokemon a "Spa Treatment" which will greatly increase frienship.
  • Some berries, like Hondew Berry, Pomeg Berry and Kelpsy Berry raises Friendship, but it lowers one stat point of a particular EV.
  • Give a Poffin of it's favorite flavor. The favorite flavors of a Pokemon is determined by looking in their summary screen. Refer to the link below for a full guide of Poffins.

Hope I Helped!

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Friendship-raising Berries
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Massage your Pokemon.

In Veilstone City by the gym, there is a girl that will kindly give your Pokémon Massages. This is a common thing within Pokémon games and helps raise their Happiness.


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