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If I go to the lab (P2) in my White game Scientist Dudley will not appear. Why?

I do have a Genesect and I always put it at the front of my party when I visit. I have also seen many vids demonstrating how to but i still cant get them.

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Because the event for Genesect has not been released yet. You'll just have to wait to get those drives for Genesect in the future. (HOPE THIS HELPS!!!) :)

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Genesect is an event Pokemon, that is yet to be released. In the future, there may be some Nintendo events which will let us obtain Genesect legitimately. As you say, you have Genesect, but since Genesect has not yet been released, I'm sure it's a hacked one, which is why you aren't getting the Drives you want from the professor in Black/White.Until the event, one can only hope for it's early arrival :(

-------------->I am still waiting for Nintendo to release me ! :(

Hope This Helps :)

Thanks but I am still slightly sceptical - how did everybody on youtube do it? :-/
that person probly was from,like Aisa or somewhere where it has already been realeased.
maybe they sent one from a game in japenese
With action replay, you can get them.