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Well, even though there is already 2 answers, I'm gonna answer because I'm a PKMN Breeder. =)

Sneasel (Female)
Egg group: Field
Wanted move: Ice Punch
All the Pokemon that are in the Field egg Group that learn Ice Punch without breeding:
If you want another Pokemon for the breed besides Smeargle, then your gonna have to chain-breed Some examples are:
-Breed a male Hitmonchan with a female Lopunny to get a Buneary (shoot for male) with ice-punch and breed that with your female Sneasel to get a Sneasel with Ice Punch.
-Get a male Wismur, teach it Ice Punch through the move-tourter, and breed it with a Sneasel (Since its's a Monster and Field Group).
(You can also breed Pokemon like Jynx with Hitmonchan, and Hitmonchan with Lopunny to get a male Bunneary and breed that with Sneasel. And other combos like that.)

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Hoped this helped!

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The easiest one to use is Smeargle who can sketch Ice-punch from another Pokemon then breed. Every other Pokemon requires either chain breeding or Gen IV Move tutor. Here is a list of compatible parents http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/sneasel/egg#move-ice-punch

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