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  • Must benefit from the Rain in a way. (moves, abilities)
  • Must have either good SAtk or Atk.
  • Must be able to learn: Water, Ice, Fighting, and Rock moves.
  • Resistant against Ice
  • Has decent Def and SDef
  • Has decent Spd
  • Can Also take advantage of at least one other weather type (Sand, Sun, Hail) somehow.
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can have swift swim so base 100 speed
can learn super power , icicle crash and many more ice moves , can have stone edge , dive
though cant realy take advantage of other wether teams but stone edge can take care of fire in sun and ice moves against sand teams


has hydration can learn ice punch drain punch and many more fight moves also stone edge
capable of killing any non duel type weather pokemon with right moves even rain
works well with leftovers


thunder wont miss also has acseess to ice fight and rock moves also has great speed
counters any electric pokemon the foe has that thinks they can cripple your team


great spatk acess to thunder but not as good movepool as elctrivire but can be a good staller


gets swift swim
has rock moves fighting moves and aqua tail
not the best option but can also work well against sun teams hail teams and can work in rain teams

Thisll be last probs

has great speed and decent spatk can make good use of hp water and thunder
can also batton pass boosts from moves like charge beem or t wave the opponent
though doesnt have very good acsess to the move types you want unless you use hidden power

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Rotom-F is quite strong. 105 Sp. Atk, 107 in defenses, 86 in Spd, so decent. Although not much help from rain, it still has HP Water. It can obviously take advantage of hail AND can learn Water/Ice moves. Also...

Has same stuff as Rotom-F. Can learn Hp Water and has good stats BUT can also learn Ancient Power, Rock Smash, and all sorts of Ice moves. Finally, the legendary:
Godly stats, fits the move requirements, HP Water benefits from the Rain (and hail helps it too) plus is just AMAZING.

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