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- Decent stats all around
- Have access to a priority move
- Resistant to Rock, Poison, Steel
- WEAK to Electric/Water and Ground
- In OU or lower
- Has access to a high power Water and Ground Move

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All around great stats the only one even close to low is his speed (70) and he has access to Agility. He has Bullet-punch for priority. Resistant to Rock and Steel, and he is Immune to poison. Though not weak to Water or Electric he is weak to Ground. OU. Earthquake, if you want a water move all he has is Hidden-power(Water).

He is a very balanced Pokemon great offenses, nice speed, with 70 in each defensive stat. Extreme-speed, Vacuum-wave, and Bullet-punch. 4x resistant to Rock, immune to poison, and resistant to Steel. Weak to Ground but not Water or Electric. BL. Earthquake, Water-pulse(Gen IV TM) and Hidden-power.

His main drawback is his Speed, and he lacks priority. He has all three resistances, He is weak to Water and Ground, DEFINITELY not above OU. Has access to Earthquake, Earth-power, Scald, Surf, and Muddy-water.

I am sorry that I could not find exactly what you asked for but if I find it I will edit. I hope I helped.

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The best thing about Stunfisk is that he looks cool XD
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1) yes very good stat distribution. 530 in total but its speed is a little slow
2)Aqua jet
3)resistant to rock, immune to poison, resistant to steel by 1/4
4)weak to electric and ground
5)Is ou in 4th gen and uu in 5th gen
6)for special hydro pump,hydro cannon,and surf. And physical, waterfall and dive but both of those moves base power are a little lower than the special ones i listed and empoleon has a way better sp attack than attack so i dont find any reason to use those. He also can learn earthquake
The only problem is that the priority move aqua jet and earthquake is a physical move and empoleon should be used as a special sweeper so I dont know if they can be that effective but its attack stat isnt THAT bad, i mean a base 86 attack stat is still usable

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(Thanks Gengar)

These are the only Pokemon I could find. They each have somewhat meh stats though and Excadrill doesnt have a water move.