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Requirements are:
The Pokemon has to have less than 3 weaknesses
Decent HP
Lots of bulk
Wide movepool


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By "decent" HP, I think you mean above 90.
And if you want lots of bulk, I would have 100 Def and SpDef or higher.
You also want less than three weaknesses. Sounds good.

This leaves a sole survivor of your rigid conditions:

Kangaskhan @ Kangaskite
Ability: Early Bird / Parental Bond
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 HP, 4 Def
Sucker Punch/Power Up Punch
Aerial Ace

This offensive Kangaskhan set does a great job of dealing out tons of damage. Parental Bond makes it able to slay fighting types with two Aerial Aces, stack up 153 BP on Return, and Outrage will be sure to inflict loads of damage.

Oh yeah, it also learns damaging TMs and moves of almost every type. Talk about a wwwiiidddeee movepool.

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Replace sucker punch with power up punch, and you got yourself a sweeper
Or do both and replace Outrage.
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I would say that Eelektross meets all requirements. Eelektross has no weaknesses due to ability levitate, his sp. atk is great and attack is better, he can learn almost all tms but not many moves leveling up, lots of move tutor and pre-evolution moves and 2 hms. Speed isn't great, hp decent, defense and sp. def are good.

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I think spiritomb, because it can learn a few ranged attacks in double battles and in triple battles. it also has no weaknesses.

you answered this after Fairy types were introduced, you were wrong, Spiritomb (and Sableye) are weak to Fairy.