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i got wifi recently and im making a team but i cant decide who i want for the last member
can people suggest a few pokemon that meets some of these requirments
.must be from gen4 - because i find it easyer to ev train
.has good speed -or at leest boostable speed
.must not be the same types as my other two pokemon or have similar weeknesses (garchomp and umbreon)
.i would like a pokemon with acsess to flinching moves (optional)
.decent spatk or decent atk (prefebly spatk)
.also must not be legendary -there not easy to breed :P
.not a must but maybe an ice type
.fianly not a wall i have one and one is enougth
all suggestions are welcome and are much appreciated - but please remeber im making this on my pearl so there are some moves and abilitys that are not avalible


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Pre-evolutions easily found in any cave, 130 speed, non-legendary, Poison-flying type, not a wall. It does share the ice weakness with Garchomp but it is 4x resistant to Umbreon's weaknesses and the rest of Crobat's weaknesses are resisted or immunized by Garchomp(Immune Electric resists Rock) and Umbreon(Immune to Psychic). Crobat has a nice base 90 Attack and Acrobatics for strong offense, he can also use Nasty-plot to boost S.Attack. As for flinching moves he has: Zen-headbutt, Bite, Twister, and Air-slash.

Magikarp are everywhere!AHHHHHH! boostable 81 speed with dragon-dance, non-legendary, Water Flying type, not a wall. It does not share any weaknesses with the others and his two weaknesses are deal with by Garchomp(Electric and Rock), he also resists Umbreon's weaknesses. Great Attack at base 125 that is further boosted by D-dance. He has Waterfall and Ice-fang for flinching.

Staryu is pretty easy to find and evolve into Starmie, Great 115 Speed, non-legendary, Water-Psychic, not a wall. Does share bug weakness with Umbreon but resists Garchomp's Ice weakness and Umbreon's Fighting weakness. Good special attack and large movepool. Only has twister and waterfall for flinching so I would not use it for that, but it is a very good sweeper and/or Spinner.

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thats great thanks not so keen on gyarados but i dont like them but im considering crobat thanks :P
Haha I was thinking of crobat too
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Well Im thinking Froslass.
1)from gen 4
2)good speed
3)Not a dark,dragon,or ground type and is not weak to dragon, resistant to ice, and immunity to fighting and resistant to bug which are garchomps and umbreons weaknesses.
4)Flinching move it learns are astonish(stab but low power),bite, and headbutt but I dont think those are good moves to use on froslass but you said this is optional anyway.
5)When you mean by decent I dont know if base 80 power is good enough for you but its still decent and you can always boost it by choice specs
6)Is an ice type
7)Not a wall