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Has a wide movepool
Impressive stats
Dual type with one of the types being flying
Not Unfeazant


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I can't believe I'm saying this, but Togekiss.

Has a wide movepool - A better word to describe Togekiss' movepool is unique. Considering TMs, it can nearly learn a TM of every type, and it can learn quite a lot of TMs as well.

Impressive stats - It's got rather useless Attack, I do honestly have to admit, however all the other stats are over 80, and so I think it's pretty good.

Dual type with one of the types being flying - Well, it's Normal-Flying. Does it meet your requirements?

Not Unfezant - I'm sure it isn't Unfezant... are you? xD

Well... yeah. You can find an Attack-increasing item, and... yeah.
I don't work a lot with stats, so I normally sell my stat-increasing items. xD

Whatever, I bet that's okay. :)
Hope I helped. :)

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I know you have chooseb yoyr answer but What about dragonite and salamence? Both have gargantuan movepools  a 600 base stat total and are not unfezant