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Can be dual type with one type being bug
Wide movepool(How many moves it can learn)
Decent stats


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Scyther! Scyther has base stat total of 500, same as Scizor! It is even stronger with an Eviolite, and learns many good moves. It has technician or swarm. Both abilities power up bug bite. It learns Aerial Ace, too. Reversal and Endure are great choices. Steel Wing and Night Slash are both halfway-decent choices. It also learns defencive moves, such as Light Screen and Double team. Baton Pass is great for passing off Substitutes and Swords Dances. U-turn to switch out and Double Hit for Technician. Its evolution, Scizor, is good too because of deadly attack and defences. It knows Acrobatics and Iron Defence. Use fling with an Iron Ball for a deadly blow. Fury Cutter actually works with Technician, and dont forget Roost. I hope this helps!

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:D good awnser
AND Scyther is a 1st Gen Pokemon, so it's compatible with every game.