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Again, i need a pokemon that fits the following requirements:

  • Must benifit from the sun(and maybe the sand as well?)
  • Must be a flying type or a pokemon with levitate as the ability to avoid Earthquake
  • (Optional) must be resistant to rock moves
  • Must not be Uber!
  • Must be fairly bulky
  • Must have a decent attack or special attack
  • Must have a good movepool

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Gliscor is the first that comes to mind, the Sun weakens his Water weakness and can power up Fire-fang(if you want to use it) and he is immune to sand damage and can use it to stall. Flying Type. Neutral to Rock. Not Uber. Pretty bulky 75, 125, 75 defenses. 95 attack stat that can be boosted by S-Dance. A good movepool that lets him Sweep, Wall, Tank, and even baton pass.

Flygon is good, has things like Fire-punch and Fire-blast that get boosted by sun. He is immune to Sand. Levitate. Resistant to Rock. Not Uber. 80 in all defenses. 100 Attack, 80 S.Attack. An amazing movepool.

Claydol's water weakness goes away with the sun, and he can stall in the Sand. Levitate. Resists Rock. Not Uber. This thing is a Wall/Tank. He has base 70 in both offenses but his S.Attack can be boosted with Calm-mind. A great movepool for Tanking, Walling, and Supporting all that he lacks is a recovery move.

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Does any particular Gliscor moveset come to mind? I'm having a hard time thing about the ev's, nature and moveset for a staller Gliscor.
Sweeper: Poison heal, Toxic-orb, Swords-dance, Earthquake, Stone-edge, X-scissor/U-turn/Fire-fang.
I though there was just one Pokemon... But they just keep coming!
Yeah I kept updating, I think 3 is sufficient.
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It's Fire moves (that cover half its weaknesses) are boosted by the sun, and most Ice moves can freeze the target; Hydreigon is weak to Ice, and Sun reduces the chanses of being frozen.

Always has Levitate
Not weak to rock butnot resistant either.
I don't know what Uber means :|

90 base defenses and 92 base Hit Points.
Base Attack: 105 Base Sp. Attack: 125
Good movepool? It can learn at least one move of every type except Grass!

Other cool stuff about him:
Its appearence
Deino, its Pre-evo, has a high catch rate
decent Speed (base 98)

i guess this is for PO, where you Do Not have to catch Pokemon.......
by the way, Uber is a tier for very,very strong pokemon, like Legendaries i.e. Mewtwo, Zekrom, etc.
Also, Uber pokemon are Not allowed in lower tiers, like OU(over-used),UU(under-used), NU(never-used) and definitely not LC(little-cup) .
Thanks for telling me