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It must be bulky enough to take multiple hits. It must be able to counter common Stat boosting Pokemon It must be able to counter all instant weather Pokemon with the same set. It can not be a weather lead itself, nor can it be harmed by the Sun.

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Ludicolo could be one
Works great in a rain team
Can work well against a rain team with grass moves
Can solar beem in a sun team
Can blizzard in a hail team and can take out a sand team
With the right movest can be good against neerly all teams

Stoutland could be one can use fire fang in sun and can use sand rush to its ability against a sand team or in a sand team

Hydreigon may be good with flamethrower in sun charge beem against water flamethrower against hail teams and can use earth power as well against rocks and steels in a sand team

Any very strong Pokemon with choice band maybe
Like concelduur seen as concelduur has massive Atk and hp and rather good def

So concelduur - capable of taking hits with good hp
Has a priority move with choice band and high and stab does rather alot
Use Mach punch against sand team can completely kill the opponent
Plus non of the Pokemon you've mentioned have super effective types plus fight is super effective on hail and sand
Mach punch is a good move for it with iron fists doing 40 + 20stab + 12ifists plus massive atack around 600 with c band
Will add more later

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Not exactly what I was looking for. I need something especially good at taking down Tyranitar, Hippowdon, Politode, Ninetales, and to a less extent Abomasnow.
Sorry if that's not what your looking for I'm updating it quite often I've been doing jobs and on iPod but Hydreigon can take out all of the Pokemon you mentioned with charge beam earth power flamethrower and focust blast
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how about altraria
it has a fair amount of hp
and it can eliminate all type of weather with cloud nine
use a similar movset
rock smash
solar beam


again cloud nine
aqua jet
low kick
but i could not find a move for water