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chainin' huanter in the ghost trial site to get gengar, how do I do it?
meesa wanta bombad ghosta


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The easiest method
- Find a way to get Scrappy Pancham (chaining, gts, etc)
-Now Teach the Pancham or Pangoro false swipe
-Head to Thrifty Mega Mart
-Chain off of Haunter until you get Gengar (Gengar can only appear through Haunter) Source For Encounter

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Well, first, get the wild Haunter. Then bring it's health to a very low level. It will start calling for help. Kill what it calls untill a Gengar appears. That's how I did similar stuff (specificaly, to get a Chansey)

I know how to chain, u idiot!!!
okay, sorry, mabye my question could be better worded.
but I wanted a strategy, since false swipe is no workin' ona da ghost type
Try using a move, like Endeavor, so, if the Haunter/Gengar attacked you and you have low HP, you can lower its HP to be equal to yours.
I'm pretty sure Endeavor doesn't work on Ghost-types, unless you have Scrappy or use Foresight/Odour Sleuth.
I think foresight false swipe is the best idea.
If you have the patience, chain for a Scrappy Pancham and then evolve it into Pangoro. Not only does it resist Ghost attacks, it can KO them with SE Crunch and use False Swipe when necessary.
perfect. thanks astro, I'd BA u if that was an answer. since it isn't, you get best comment award (the unnoficial award for best comment)