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My friend found a way to get Gengar with Aeroblast. How?

Also his Gengar was obtained in Kanto.
It's probably hacked.

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This gengar is most definitely hacked or illegal in some way.
Showdown shows all moves Pokemon can learn, including event moves like surfing pikachu or spacial-rend darkrai (really. yes I was surprised too. try it on showdown, it works!)
aeroblast is illegal on gengar, meaning it is definitely either hacked, or victim to some bizarre glitch.
also, since it was obtained in kanto, keep in mind that aerobats doesn't exist in the OG red/blue/yellow. this includes virtual console remakes that you can get on 3ds.

It could have been caught in Fire Red/Leaf Green, where Aeroblast does exist. There still isn't a way to teach Gengar Aeroblast, however. :P
I'm pretty sure you can't transfer from gen 3 to gen 7 tho.
Well, I wasn't wrong. I said it could have been a bizarre glitch!
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Well I wasn’t expecting this but I asked how he did it last night. He told me the following.

Gengar: transferred from Red to Silver. He used something called a transform + Sketch glitch. He did this via calling transform from Metronome that Gengar learns via TM in Gen 1. He used the trainer house to find the Smeargle and Lugia.( I think he hacked the trainer house, just saying).

That’s what he said it may be wrong.

I'm assuming this is all on virtual console.
well, you've answered your own question. good for u, dude!
Okay. That is what happens, right?
I had to give him a coke to get this answer.