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I want this Bannett and i don't know how to get it!


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What you do is link your Pokemon Black game to Pokemon Global Link, and create an account there.
You must make a Pokemon ID trainer account first; do so by clicking here.

Create both accounts and be sure Pokemon GL recognizes your game card so that it is linked.

After doing that, now you'll be able to receive promotional events given out through Pokemon GL such as special Pokemon, C-Gear skins, and furniture for your Dream Island home to decorate.

If you want to receive this stuff, you click the Promotions button in the bottom right corner of the map, where you will be taken to a page full of ongoing event items distributed to be taken by you!
Since you want to get the special Halloween event, you find the Halloween Banette and click it.

You will then be prompted to type in a password; and varying on your country, the password will be on the page that you posted.
After you befriend the Pokemon, you have to wake up the current Pokemon you have asleep so that you will be able to receive it through the Entree Forest in Entralink in the C-Gear of your game.

So there you go! If you still have questions, I'd be glad to answer them! Good luck! :D

- 02.11.2012 1:38a