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I have a Braviary. It's ability is Sheer Force. It will hold a Life Orb.
Its moveset is:
Hone Claws
Sky Drop
Rock Smash
Rock Slide
What is the base power going to be after the ability and the item boost the attack power?
Also does the moveset need any changes?

Ditch Rock Smash, it's pretty worthless

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I would go Brave-bird over Sky-drop. U-turn is better than Rock-smash. To answer your question, it depends on each move, For Rock-smash it would be 52 Base power with Sheer force, and when you add Life-orb it becomes 67.6 still not very good. Rock-slide becomes 97.5 with Sheer-force and when you add Life-orb it goes up to 126.75 which is great. Hone-claws will boost your attack by 50% each turn so just multiply the moves by 1.5.

What if I switch Rock Smash for Shadow Claw? Is that any better?
Shadow-claw is better than Rock-smash yes. I prefer U-turn myself, but Shadow-claw is good too.