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I love Fighting-type Pokemon, Hariyama is no expection, I thought about the following move-set and I need some enlightment into it, just to add up, I'm a newb into all this stuff about the world of competitive Pokemon and I'm trying to learn the most I can about it, so all criticism is appreciated:


Forceiyama (Hariyama) (M) @ Life Orb
Ability: Sheer Force
Nature: Adamant (+Atk / -SpA)
EV Spred: 252 Atk / 252 Def / 4 HP

  • Force Palm: STAB, Sheer Force Interaction.
  • Thunder Punch: vs Water/Flying coverage.
  • Ice Punch: Grass/Dragon/Ground coverage.
  • (???): Here I'm thinking Close Combat because it offers a good chunk of Power, but lowers defensive stats at the same time, or Dynamic Punch which gets a lot of power from Life Orb and Sheer Force + STAB, but has very low Accuracy, Bullet Punch could be a option to finish enemies with small ammounts of HP or enemies with Sturdy, or to deal with Fairy/Rock/Ice, which from what I know are not very popular but could be a presence in matches.

Any ideas to make it better? Is it a good move-set overall or should I scrap it?

Again, I'm new here, I don't know if I accidentally broke some rule, if I did I'm sorry :<.

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Ok, I was going to answer this explaining how Knock Off would be the perfect move to finish this but then realized you had Sheer Force. Sorry :/
I'm pretty sure removing targets' items doesn't count as a secondary effect.
Sumwun's right, Knock Off isn't affected by Sheer Force. It'll still knock off items / get boosted power versus item holders.
Sorry for not thinking of this earlier, but does this count as a moveset question? If yes, this question is not allowed.

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(I'll try to answer this but just remember I'm not that good at rating other people's Pokemon/Teams, so anyone please tell me if there's anything wrong.)

Have you tried a dark type move?

I'd say Knock Off is a perfect move for so many reasons. First of all it has decent power, multiplied by 1.5 if the opponent is (I mean, when are they not?) holding an item. Knock Off also knocks off the annoying opponent's annoying items like leftovers. Example; Chansey. This Pokemon is only reason it's better than it's evolution; Blissey is because of Eviolite. Knocking of Eviolite is a big advantage, because now Chansey is now more vulnerable, plus the fact that it might not actually survive getting hit by Knock Off in the first place even with Eviolite because of it's terrible defense stat, Knock Off's increased power, and you have a life orb. Another reason Knock Off is a good move is because it's a dark type move, which provides coverage against Psychic Types, which is one of Hariyama's weaknesses, and Ghost Types, which Hariyama's STAB doesn't affect.

However keep in mind that Hariyama has terrible defense of it's own, plus it's also terrible special defense and speed, so you have to hope that it will survive being attacked before it can attack. Just know which Pokemon you're gonna battle against with this and you'll be fine.

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