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I am thinking about restarting my Platinum but I want to trade my good Pokemon or Pokemon I use for breeding over to HG, problem is: I have at least 60 Pokemon I want to trade. Is there some way of trading the an entire team at once, or any faster way. I do not want to have to spend hours and hours trading Pokemon to HG.

Note: I am already transferring a few Pokemon to B/W but I do not want to transfer these ones so do not suggest it.

The only thing I can think of would be to put them on the pokemon ranch and then set it up to trade to another game, but it doesn't really work that way...

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Well someone sure lives up to his name...

I know this will be depressing but no. Trades take a long time & 60 pokemon will take a long time to trade because there isn't a faster way. You might want to consider only takeing Pokemon only EV trained & if they all are, only Pokemon at a certain Level & up like 50 or 70 +. If that doesn't work, well only take your top 10 favourites or something. Game freak made it so that trades are slower ing gen IV than any other generation, even 3. You might want to try watching a good tv show while doing this if those 60 Pokemon are that good. It will help pass time because I had 90 Pokemon to trade once so I can feel your pain. NOT FUN.

Hope this helped :)

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I fear this is right...
The problem is Platinum was my first game ever so some of them(Especially Torterra) have sentimental value.
If its got meaning to you, why delete the game in the first place?!
Buy another game of similarity (like Diamond or Pearl) and you can start a new game in those games a bajillion times.
Oh I get the whole sentimental thing; I still have my get first Swampert in b/w
Why would you buy a new one, dafuq lol.