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in white could there ever be an event for mew or starters of other reigons

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just wondering and please dont say poketransfer

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Poketransfer (Haha just kidding!)

Your question says could, and quite frankly, the Pokemon company can do whatever the heck they want, so yes there COULD be one.
There were events for Mew in the past (the most recent one was for Heart Gold and Soul Silver), and they definitely want to make it possible to legally obtain the Pokedex, so they will most likely hold events for Pokemon hard to obtain in the newer games (such as Black and White). But they might probably encourage players to use/find a way to use the Poketransfer and transfer a Mew from an older game.

As for starters, I'm not sure if that is a very likely event, but if its going to be an event, it would probably be a Dream World one. (They already had some Dream World starter Pokemon events in Japan.)

- 02.21.2012 1:33p

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thx but why do they get all the good events!so not fair
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There was en event for HG SS Platinum and DP all giving away mew and many more less then a year ago. Why give out starters? You can get kanto jhoto and hoenn starters in HG and SS and the unova ones in black and white and sinnoh ones in platinum and DP. They didn't want to make the game to easy and the challenge is to complete the pokedex. They also want you to buy the games for pokemon so they make more money. Plus if you could get all the pokemon that easily then whats the point of making a new pokemon game?

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Still why do they get good events!if its meant to be a challenge then make it a challenge for everyone
I know how you get kanto and jhoto starters in HG/SS but how do you get hoenn if you can?
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there is an event for mewtoo now, and there was one for mew a year ago.

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no you can only get mewtwo

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