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Seed bomb(stab)


giga drain or energy ball(stab deals with geodude and if giga drain heals)

super power/curse

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2 Answers

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Seed Bomb: Duh!

Swords Dance: GoodBye Opponets.

Iron Tail: Coverage

Crunch/Rock Climb: Back Up. Rock Climb Is Good For Confusing, While Iron Tail For Power, and Crunch for All Around Decentness.


Energy Ball: Yes.

Earth Power: Coverage

Growth: For Well, Growing The Sp. Attack Stat.

Mud Slap/HP Rock: To Set Up Growth, Or HP Rock For Weaknesses.

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There is no point in having two moves of the same type.

Earth Power: A much better special attack option, giving good type coverage also.

Crunch: Deals with the many Psychic types out there, plus those pesky Ghosts.

Curse: Turtwig will usually have Trick Room support, so the lowered Speed won't be a problem.

Seed Bomb: Physical STAB.