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So I recently saw that if you complete the game " Pokemon Channel " for gamecube, you can transfer a Jirachi to your R/S/E. Which IMO it would be awesome to have a legit Jirachi in my favorite generation.

Although, I have a Wii. While most everyone knows nowadays that Nintendo Wiis have the power to play gamecube games, like PS2 playing PSX games.

So I'm definitely looking into doing something like this, but before I go and waste money on the game, I want to know just what all things I'll need to do this, and if the process is even compatible with the Wii.

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Players can obtain Jirachi in both the

European and Australian versions

>of the game. It can be downloaded onto a
version of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.
After unlocking the full version of
The Pichu Bros. in Party Panic,
Jirachi will appear, and the
mini-movie will be shown above the

You need a special insert included on most Gamecubes, or an Adapter. THIS WILL NOT WORK ON WII.


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