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I'm completely new to the breeding mechanics in Pokemon, and I need some good answers to help me on this subject as I find it really confusing.
So here us what i'm planning to do; Since I don't have a female Togekiss to breed with my male Togekiss, the only choice for me is to use a Ditto. I heared that you need certain items to retreive a Togepi instead of a completely different Pokemon from the Togepi evolutionary line. I don't know if you actually need a item to stop this from happening, but is there is, I would appreciate your information about this topic.

Also; do each of the Pokemon needed to breed have to have the same natures to be compatible to breed. (I do know about egg groups to be compatible).

Thankyou for your help!


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You don't have to worry. If you breed a Ditto with your Togekiss, you'll get a Togepi definitely since it is the first in its evolutionary line. Also, having the same or different natures doesn't affect anything pertaining to them being compatible.

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Hopefully I can pull this off! Thankyou!
You will~ Good luck and no probs. :3