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Ok So I'm going to enter the pokemon INTERNATIONALS tournament but I need one more pokemon. I was going to use snorlax but I have A shiny latias with max hp and max special defense. My snorlax is more special defense but latias has more because its maxed out so it takes his place. takes it's place. Now I need a defense pokemon with good STABS. Kinda like a snorlax except with BEAUTIFUL STABS and that is SUPER GOOD in double battles (or single battles but the tournament is a double battle). Any suggestions? Please also prove your point for the pokemon you chose and why. Thanks a lot!

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Scrafty (M) @ Big Root
Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -SpAtk) --or-- Brave (+Atk, -Speed)
Trait: Shed Skin
Role: Bulky Sweeper

EV Spread:
252 Atk
128 Def
128 SpDef

IV Spread:
0 Speed (if possible)

-Bulk Up
-Drain Punch
-Smack Down/ Rock Slide

He has great defenses without sacrificing Attack
Drain Punch is deadly with Big Root & Bulk Up. After damage, you gets 80% of the HP!!
He can be slow enough to utilize Payback.
Shed Skin heals him from annoying statuses
Smack Down to set up Flyers & Levitaters for an Earthquake from a teammate or Rock Slide for Flinching and Flying-type damage.

Maybe you can put more EVs to Special Defense since he has Bulk Up, but thats up to you

GOOD LUCK \m/ o_o \m/

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thanks, great idea! However snorlax does have better defense. I might try it but I want pokes with super defense and attack like golem. I might try it! Thanks again!