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Unfortunately, I was pretty deep into Lost Wilderness (B16F :() When I was defeated by a Hitmontop after being hit back by, apparently, an IQ skill that returned the exact amount of damage. Here is the battle sequence:

Shelgon (F, Me) used Bite! (I hit this by accident)
Hitmontop took 33 damage!
The power rebounded!
Shelgon took 33 damage from the counterattack!
Hitmontop used Triple Kick!
Shelgon took 28 damage!

...And that's where I died.

Can anyone Identify what IQ skill this was and what IQ groups besides C can have it?


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Well i checked the pokemon wiki and hitmontop is in the IQ group C
and i checked the groups abilitys with the IQ and non have anything to do with reflecting damage.
Which brings me to the obvious conclusion that in a previous turn hitmontop used the move (i forgot what its called) that reflects the damage you do to it for a few turns unless you knocked it out in that hit. It may be counter.
But correct me if im wrong but dont all newly recruited pokemon come with minimum Iq abilitys.

Course Checker

Base Skill

Refrains from attacks that would be blocked by walls or allies.


Base Skill

Can use the Explorer Badge to leave the dungeon. Cannot be turned off.

Item Catcher

Base Skill

Can catch a Throwing Item and keep it for its own.

Item Master

Base Skill

Can use and throw its held item.

Exclusive Move-User

Base Skill

Uses only moves, not regular attacks.

Status Checker

25 (☆0.5)

Refrains from moves that inflict a status change that the foe already has.


40 (☆0.5)

Does not attack allies, even when confused or in cowering status.


100 (☆1)

Adds 10 to max HP. Cannot be turned off.

Type-Advantage Master

105 (☆1)

Raises the critical-hit rate of type-effective moves.

Power Pitcher

130 (☆1.5)

Throwing items deal 1.5 times the damage. Does not work with Geo Pebbles and Gravelerocks.


140 (☆1.5)

Restores more Belly stat when eating food. Sometimes avoids getting status problems from Grimy Food.


160 (☆2)

Pokémon is immune to nightmare, sleep, yawning and napping.


185 (☆2)

Raises Accuracy by 1 but decreases Evasion by 1.

Practice Swinger

195 (☆2)

Raises Attack and Special Attack by 1 on the turn after a missed attack.

Exp. Go-Getter

200 (☆2)

Prioritizes attack foes with a higher experience point payout.


220 (☆2.5)

Raises both Attack stats by 1 each, but decreases both Defense stats by 1 each.

Counter Basher

280 (☆3)

Lowers Defense by 1, and sometimes sends the damage taken back to the foe if the foe is adjacent.

Lava Evader

300 (☆3)

Avoids entering lava.

Erratic Player

340 (☆3.5)

Increases multiplier effect of type compatibility.

Clutch Performer

360 (☆4)

Raises Evasion by 2 when HP is below 25%.

Extra Striker

520 (☆5.5)

Sometimes strikes again following an attack.


560 (☆6)

Sometimes causes attacking foe to cringe.


570 (☆6)

Unleashes charged attacks in one turn, while draining 2 PP.

Pierce Hurler

850 (☆8.5)

Throwing Items penetrate Pokémon and walls and continues flying.

so i took a second look and i found the iq skill extra striker which may have been your problem it allows them to strike twice sometimes but other than that i dont have a clue what is happening i thing its this skill it has crippled me in the past.

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Could be bide.
It says counter
It wasn't counter. I just hit a Magmar, the exact same situation happened. This time I was fortunate enough to live. Same IQ group, even. It was when I was battling, as well.

Gator (Totodile) used its regular attack!
Magmar (F) took 26 damage!
Its power rebounded!
Gator took 26 damage from the counterattack!
Sorry I downvoted you, this is MUCH better. See, it just did it again! Lol
your welcome i didnt look properly first time :p i deserved it tbh