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Hello! I suppose that I have more than one question in this topic so I'll list them one by one.

1 Can you transfer the legendaries you encounter in Guardian Signs, such as Palkia and Latios?

2 Can you trade from RED to Sapphire with a cable? If so, what gender will they be? Pokemon in RED are genderless.

3 Some tips for defeating RED's elite four and the champion (AKA, your rival). I can't seem to defeat Charizard.

That's all! if you can only answer one of them, label your answer. Thanks!!

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1: Some yes, others no. Latias is a No. Deoxys, Shaymin, and Manaphy are examples of who can.

2: No.


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@ 2 you cannot transfer Gen I or Gen II Pokemon to later Gens.

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