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please give a list of pokemons with wonderful typing, wide movepool , powerful and defensive(even if it has low speed) and having preferably a good ability,(because i was too lazy to search)please help


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Well pokemon with only one weekness such as electric or normal but they dont tend to have great def.
But alot of steel and dragon pokemon such as dialga i believe he has one weekness and has great offences and good defences making him a good tank.
Magnezone is also good with only 3 weekness and 12 resistances.
Good thing about magnezone is like most electric types he can learn magnet rise turning his 3 weakness into 2weaknesses 2imunitys and 12resistances.
My favroute though is ludicolo because of its unique typing it also has good offences and defsises and works great on a rain team

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Fighting and Ground Pokemon both cover 5 types, and coincidentally, they both are the only types to cove the Pokemon with only one weakness, Electric and Normal. Those types are offensive.

As of typing, you can't really have defense AND offense unless the Pokemon is a tank.

Specific Pokemon who have good defense and offense are usually Rock and/or Steel and/or Ground types, such as Aggron or Rhyperior.
As blobyolo said, Pokemon such as Magnezone are great defenders as well. (Electric/Steel.)

However, most legendary Pokemon cannot go on the offense and defense very well. Diagla has two weaknesses, Fighting and Ground (the two again! Gasp!) so it just goes to show.

Hope this helps you!