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You see, I can't seem to decide who is more powerful, Mew or Mewtwo. I think Mewtwo is more powerful, having the highest atk, def, and sp atk. But, many people say Mew is more powerful, for it can learn anything.

FTR, Mew can't learn anything. It can't learn spikes and a bunch of other moves.

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Mewtwo is definitely better than Mew.

Mewtwo: Mewtwo has a decent and good enough movepool to be able to sweep madly. It has godly stats and is who I consider to be the best special sweeper in the metagame. He has access to almost every type of sweeping move, and what's more, has Psystrike to make him/her a potential mixed sweeper. Awesome.

Mew: Can learn many, many, moves. Although it can't utilize them as well as Mewtwo. It does well in UU, but you gotta learn, Mewtwo rocks the house in Uber. What's cool about Mew, however is that you don't know what it's gonna do. It could wall, it could sweep, it could tank... But Mewtwo is always all--out sweeper (except those Smogon weirdos, they use "Stalltwo."

So, you can choose, but I strongly recommend Mewtwo. There's nothing to be proud of a good, well, even amazing movepool if you don't have the stats to utilize them very well. Mewtwo has a large movepool as well, even if not as large as Mews, and can do much better. In my opinion.

Arguing against your argument here, who fights in Uber anymore? Mewtwo can be outspeeded by Darkrai and hit with a super effective STAB Dark Pulse from a 135 base SAtk Pokemon. The commonness of Arceus also poses a problem.
I also agree with Mewtwo, I just wanted to hear opinions.
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It is true that Mewtwo has the highest stat level but I suggest that you go with Mew as it can learn moves like Transform which may be an advantage for you in battles where Mew as a psychic Pokemon is faced with a Pokemon which has a type advantage over psychic Pokemon themselves.So Mew can Transform into the opposing Pokemon.After this process you can work out a strategy to beat your opponent as the same Pokemon as your foe.I am just giving advice but in the end it is up to you to choose the Pokemon you desire.

that's a good reason, about type advantage.
Mewtwo can learn Transform too.
Mewtwo can't learn Transform.