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so after months i started my saphire and after i saved the game the next day when i played all my badges were gone but my pokemon were still there and at the same level and at that time i was at mosdeep so i beat the gym but i was still stuck because it only allows the use of dive...i never used any cheats so how did this happen?

its probably because its an old game that was on the game boy,theres a battery in the game carrtrige/system  that keeps it alive,but when it starts to dry out you start losing your saved data.

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Unforunately, Game Boy Colour, Game Boy, and Game Boy Advance system cartridges run on "batteries". The batteries are what keeps them running and working properly, but, if the cartridge is mistreated, glitches may start to happen, or they may happen because of old age. Unfortunately, on of these glitches is the "saving error". Saving the game usually works, but the next time you play the game, you may lose some save data.

I asked a slighty similar question asking how to prevent the glitches from happening, and there is no way :(
However, along, with the answer I got a list of glitches, so here's a link.

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ON of these glitches is the   its ONE of these glitches not ON