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I traded my Poliwrath from HeartGold over to Pearl so I could beat the 6th gym leader, Byron. I had 5 badges which makes all Pokémon including traded Pokémon up to Level 60 obey you without question. But my level 54 Poliwrath disobeyed as I battled Byron.


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The other answer is incorrect.

In Gen 4 (which includes Pearl), you need six badges for that Poliwrath to listen to you. If you have 4 or 5 badges, Pokemon up to level 50 will obey you, which means your Poliwrath is over the limit for a Trainer with 5 Badges by 4 levels.

Beat Byron and Pokemon up to level 70 will listen to you, which means your Poliwrath will begin to listen to you.


In the Gen 5 games, 5 Badges would mean your Poliwrath you listen to you, so you mast have gotten mixed up.

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