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I'm looking for a good psychic Pokemon available in Sinnoh


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Let's see......



HP - 55
Attack - 50
Defense - 45
S. Attack - 135
S. Defense - 85
Speed - 120

Role : Special Sweeper

Disadvantages : Low HP, Attack, and Defense

Advantage : Awesome S. Attack, okay S. Defense and cool Speed

Moves : Psychic, Recover, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Dream Eater, Calm Mind, Future Sight, Signal Beam, Focus Blast, and Psyshock

Good movesets

Mr. Mime


HP - 40
Attack - 45
Defense - 65
S. Attack - 120
S. Defense -100
Speed - 90

Disadvantages : Low HP, Attack, and Defense
Advantages : Okay S. Attack, S. Defense and average speed.
Moves : Focus Blast, Thunderbolt, Psychic , Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, and Dream Eater.

Mr. Mime is more versatile with moves, and has good S Attack, S Defense and Speed spread.

Good Movesets

Stat wise, Alakazam wins; However, if you tell me which role they would have been, I can tell you their move (dis)advantages to your team.
Hope This Helps :)

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I want a Sp. Def sweeper with high speed so  I guess Alakazam. How do you put the moving sprites there? But is there anything better about him? Does he have a greater move pool to cover his weaknesses? Can you answer those too please? :)
Mr. Mime has base 100 Special attack and base 120 Special defense