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EVs 252 def, 252 Sp. def,
heal order
defense order
attack order

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moves? nature? EVs?? GENDER?!?! Put something please
Sorry, fixed it now
lol you put down the same set i just posted a few minutes ago.
Uber, why would you ask for gender?
Yeah all Vespiquen are female...
I was just being silly. Like:
"Whats next Mom??"
what item do you guys recommend though? I have it with silver powder but feel like its a waste
Leftovers seem like the best. After bulking up with Defend Order and Heal Ordering off damage, you can use the extra HP for Toxic stall. Or how about a Lum Berry for annoying status ailments??
thanks Ill try it out

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That would probably be your best set, so i would say leftovers.

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