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I recently obtained my in-game event Musharna at level. 50. Since it has NEVER battled, it has no EVs whatsoever.

Lets say i start EV Training from now, at Level 50. I know the fruits of my labor will show after Level 50, But how about before??

Scenario: I EV train in Sp. Attack with 252 EVs and Iv of 31 with a Modest Nature, so it would reach the max of 174 by, let's say, level 60. Right now, at 50, it's 133.

>My Question:
Will the stats that i EV train increase AND show if lets say i go to the Battle Subway?? Instead of 133, it shows 174??

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Like the Battle Tower and related Battle Frontier facilities, any Pokémon above level 50 will have its stats and level reduced to its level 50 version, while keeping all its moves and accumulated EVs.

So if you you EV train your Musharna, Battle Subway will take into account of the EVs gained throughout.

Source: Bulbapedia

Thank Arceus!! Thanks for the answer. \m/o_o\m/