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The cuttoff level for the VGC is level 50. So if you train a pokemon to level 50 and the give it more EVs, will it keep them in the battle at the VGC? I know this is worded poorly so I'm sorry \m/(>.<)\m/


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I think the pokemon can be above 50 but in battle they drop to 50 like in the battle tower and so on...if not then im not sure.

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I'm not exactly sure what VGC is, but l am going to say EVs will always be on a Pokemon, and will never be lost, unless used by an EV dropping berry.
Whatever VGC may be, if by "cutoff" you mean Limit, than it will not gain EVs because you have to gain experience when EV training, or it won't count. lt's the same concept as training a Lv 100 Pokemon, it won't gain EVs.

I hope this answers your question or at least makes a better understanding for you. ~

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