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In the VGC can you train a pokemon over lv. 50 and teach it a move and keep that move?

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I am going to try the VGC (Video Game Championships) and I want a Blazikin with the moves Blaze Kick Sky-Uppercut Slash and Flamethrower. I aleready have Flamethrower. Can I evolve Combusken and Lv. Up Blazikin to 59 to learn Sky-Uppercut but when I battle in reduced to lv 50 still have that attack?

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That isn't that great of a moveset. In fact, you could do a lot better.
Well I Dont want any stat-moves or recoil moves so what could I do better on?
You'll want one of these movesets:

If Blaziken has fairly equal Attack and Special Attack: Stone Edge, Vacuum Wave, Fire Blast, Thunderpunch

If it has a fair deal higher Higher ATtack: Stone Edge, Superpower, Thunderpunch, Blaze Kick/Flare Blitz
How about Blaze Kick Sky Upper-Cut Flamethrower and Slash? OH WAIT I WANT THOSE MOVES I SORRY BUT ITS MY LIFE!!!
Cmwolf19: Please, don't use capitals. It looks like yelling at others. trachy gave you his opinion beacause it is better than your moveset
Agreed you are being innapropriate
Agreed, I sorry -.-I have heard of those moves but U need like 48 bp each so I guess I kinda freaked out, I aleready went through a bunch of work but I think we can agree on at least this moveset                                                                                       Superpower,Sky-Uppercut, Heat Wave ( I'm not sure if thats wut its called but it does 100 att), and Blaze Kick?

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If you're asking if moves past level 50 stay on Pokémon even if it is reduced to level 50, then YES.

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